• OMAHA by Zora J Murff, +KGP | MONOLITH

    OMAHA by Zora J Murff, +KGP | MONOLITH

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    6.5 × 8 in

    48 pages, 28 plates

    Digital offset printing

    Softcover perfect binding


    First edition, 125


    LOST, Omaha is part of a series of photobooks focusing on the landscape across the globe, as seen by a group of selected contemporary photographers. Zora shot the images in a community area of Omaha, Nebraska.

    “The series focuses on the history of the North Omaha neighborhood and how its landscape was shaped by racial dynamics, first through segregation and then—once segregation was made illegal—a continuation of that oppression by the government. This was done through a process called redlining: laws that restricted Black individuals from receiving home loans, and discouraging white individuals with wealth from investing in those communities. Redlining not only made segregation legal again, but it also worked to intensify the wealth gap along racial lines. After years of disinvestment, redlined communities become economically depressed and typically stigmatized as ‘bad places’.”

    —Zora J Murff for Fotoroom

    Zora J Murff (born in Des Moines, Iowa, 1987) is an artist and educator living in Northwest Arkansas. In 2019, Murff was named an Aperture Portfolio Prize finalist, a PDN 30 honoree, and a Light Work Artist-in-Residence; he was one of eight artists chosen for the most recent iteration of the Museum of Modern Art’s New Photography series, Companion Pieces: New Photography 2020. He has recently been announced as a recipient of the 2023 ICP Infinity Award. Murff’s books include Corrections (2015); At No Point In Between (2019); and True Colors (or, Affirmations in a Crisis) (2022). His work was presented at the 2021 Rencontres d’Arles, France, as part of the Louis Roederer Discovery Award and his works are housed in many notable US institutions and collections including, Studio Museum, SFMOMA, LACMA, MoMA, High Museum, Denver Art Museum and the MoCP. 


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