• CARADHRAS by Cassandra Klos
  • CARADHRAS by Cassandra Klos

    CARADHRAS by Cassandra Klos

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    From the series Mars on Earth
    Full color digital aqueous printing on textile
    12 × 15, edition of 3
    32 × 40 in, edition of 2

    We are inundated with information about the cosmos, whether it is the appearance of water on a different planet or landing our man-made satellite on a comet. We are awed by this celestial imagery we cannot comprehend, and yet this unknown contributes to a need for exploration past our comfortable bounds. The interest of expanding the human race onto the planets around us is not a new concept, but only since the last few decades has the scientific community explored the idea of reestablishing the human race as explorers of the Universe.

    With space suits, freeze-dried food, and Mission Control waiting back “home,” the photographs attempt to visualize what space travel might be like for the first space explorers. To most of these pioneers, their only wish is to be a small part of the geological, biological, and psychological research that will propel us to the cosmos. The creations of a simulated experience that blurs the line between reality and fantasy; a realm where the air is unbreathable, contact with loved ones is limited, and the dependence and cooperation of your crew members becomes center focus.

    The project is ongoing as technology and simulated training changes.

    Strata shares prints on Photo Tex, a printable textile. We chose this material to offer works by notable photographers at an affordable price. The images don’t need to be framed—you simply peel off the backing and place the print on your wall. Our intent is that more photographs can find their way to homes, offices, and libraries without disrupting the value of archival prints for the artists who make them.